A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In this exciting 3D deep sea submarine simulator game you collect valuable resources from your mines and bring them to the base station.

You build more stations in this game to expand your deep sea mining business and improve your submarine.
You will explore new areas on the water moon 'Europa' of the planet Jupiter.


  • 3D deep sea simulator game
  • Submarine upgrades
  • Explore the deep sea of Jupiter's moon 'Europa
  • Enlarge your area
  • Build new deep sea stations and mines
  • Collect raw material tanks from the mines
  • Automatic mining of raw materials by mines
  • Find and collect hidden resources
  • Completed main missions to drive the action
  • Master daily challenge missions
  • Controller / Gamepad support
  • Completely in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German




AquaNautic Windows Version 0.65 148 MB
AquaNautic Android Version 0.65 67 MB

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feels like it's meant to be played on smartphone. on PC it feels terribly wonky, mouse unavailable for menus. starts right away on full volume into the action with a tutorial text blocking large parts of the screen and no chance to adjust volume ingame.

You are right, it is primarily a mobile game. However, you can adjust the sound and music volume in the settings.

it was not possible to do anything in the settings, as the mouse didn't show at all (on win10).

this feels like the actual subnautica

i can try to make french translations too 

Actually I have never played subnautica before, but it sounds like praise :-)

If you want to help with the french translation, that would be great. Then please send me an email to support@lahn-byte.de and then I can send you the translation file.

I dont know what to do in those files but i'm going to find out soon

it is a easy text file format and I will help you of course

whoa, this game looks pretty nice, very original, i have some ideas for mods in this game.

Thank you very much for your feedback. New ideas are always welcome!

no, thx to u for this great game <3.

Nice underwater game! I am looking forward to further updates.